A Workplace for All

As reflected in our People Basic Belief, we firmly believe that an inclusive environment and diverse organization strengthens our Company and enables every employee to reach their full potential.

While proud of our commitment to ensuring every employee feels welcome and valued, our leadership recognizes there are opportunities for us to strengthen our Company by focusing on our commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity. These efforts center around three pillars:

  • Workforce: Promoting a diverse workforce
  • Workplace: Maintaining an inclusive environment for all employees
  • Marketplace: Sharing our efforts with external constituents to support greater cultural awareness and sensitivity in society

Importantly, we must hold ourselves to high, measurable standards to ensure we are progressing. To this end, we are evaluating our progress through several measures:

  • Reviews of organization health assessments and employee engagement surveys
  • Evaluation of workforce composition and minority representation across all levels of the organization
  • Successful integration of key programming including unconscious bias training and employee resource groups to strengthen the understanding of the importance of inclusion and diversity and to give employees the resources and support they need

Our Workplace, Our Community 

“Our workplace is a community. The most thriving communities are those where people feel accepted as equals and can express their thoughts and opinions openly, without judgement.

In order for our community to truly thrive, we must continue to work to create an environment where everyone feels mutual respect, a sense of belonging and can express themselves.”

-Mark Smucker, President and Chief Executive Officer