Thriving Together

At The J.M. Smucker Co., we believe success is driving business growth while also helping those associated with our Company thrive. To improve our effectiveness in achieving this aspiration, we have introduced an evolved set of priorities to harness our financial resources, expertise, partnerships and the incredible passion of our employees. This sharpened focus allows us to strengthen our role in addressing some of the critical issues we face as a society – specifically the quality of life of people and their pets with a focus on the five following areas. 

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Access to Quality Food

We are dedicated to helping ensure people and pets have consistent access to trusted, quality food.

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Making Connections to Community Resources

We must work to create and strengthen access to vital community resources.

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Promoting Equitable Opportunities

We believe it is critical that we do our part to create more equitable opportunities and inclusion for underrepresented groups. 

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Supporting a Healthier Planet

We recognize the importance of contributing to creating a healthier planet for future generations.